Everyone gets 28 days of holiday, in addition to bank holidays. Please see the more information on this here.


We're in a brand new space, designed just for us, flooded with natural light, plants and a fully decked kitchen filled with snacks!

On your bike!

We've got secure bike racks and provide regular bike maintenance clinics. Once you've passed your probation, we also offer a tax-efficient cycle-to-work scheme.

Wedding / civil partnership leave

Exciting times! You get additional 3 days of holiday for your wedding / civil partnership. Please let your People Ops Partner know and they will add the holiday to your Humaans allowance.

In House Therapist

We have Karla and Jess, our in-house therapist:

Karla comes in 3 days a week: Monday (Karla will be remote), Tuesday and Thursday! Karla does remote and face to face appointments.

Jess comes in 2 days a week: Monday and Wednesday! Jess does remote and face to face appointments.

Once a cycle team dinners

The first Thursday of every month we provide a team dinner, whether it's a nearby restaurant or making our own dinner in the office.

Summer conference

Each summer we go to the countryside for a few days to work on our strategy, nurture our culture and cook great meals together.

Health insurance

Accufolk have the option to opt in to Private Health insurance (pre-existing conditions included) via our benefits platform, Happl.

Time at the healthcare frontline

Everyone spends at least two days each quarter in a GP practice, seeing how our products are used and what other challenges the healthcare workforce is facing.

Electric Car Scheme

A salary sacrifice company car scheme. After working at Accurx for 1 year, you can avail of this scheme. The fixed monthly repayments are taken from your gross salary, before tax and National Insurance.

Free breakfast, fruit and snacks

We offer a range of breakfast options and snacks to keep us fuelled throughout the day. We try to cater for dietary requirements as much as possible, please talk to a member of the workspace team.


Find out more about our Pensions scheme here.


Our chef Leo provides a pescatarian lunch and amazing snacks daily! Check out more about our food offering here.

Share options

Every single employee gets share options, so they've got a stake in what we're building and we can share our success. Take a look at this page to learn more.

Salary review

We review salaries annually to ensure everyone is paid fairly and recognised for their hard work.

Parental leave

This is a big topic which deserves its own page. See here.


Everyone gets a top-spec laptop, and up to two external screens. For any more IT Equipment, write ask the IT team on the #ask-it channel on Slack.

Personal Development

Each department has an allocated spend for Learning and Development. We help everyone create a Personal Development Plan.


Tyve is a payroll giving scheme, where you can make a pre-tax donation to a portfolio of charities of your choice. Read more about how it works here.